My daily life in Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.

Fruits for breakfast

朝はそんなに食欲がない私と、胃を休めたほうが良い旦那にはちょうど合っていたようで気持ちよく続いています。今までFarmers Marketという青空市場のようなところでフルーツを買っていましたが、もう今は暑くて暑くて、フルーツたちもしなしな。
最近Central Marketというスーパーがフルーツの品揃えが豊富なことを知り、利用しています。

We have been having only fruits for breakfast since April.
It makes stomach feel better. I don't have much appetite at morning, and my husband needs to give a rest to his stomach, then it is a suitable way for us.
We used to get fruits at Farmers Market, but their fruits are not fresh in Summer.(it is too hot!)
I go to Central Market recently, there are a lot of kinds of fruits.

Today's breakfast. Strawberry,kiwi,plum,orange.